Bella Swan

Name: Isabella Marie Cullen (maiden name:Swan)

Nicknames: Bella, Bell, Bells 

Age: Newborn Vampire...(in an 18 year old body)

School: In "College"

Job: N/A

Human Special Talents: Clumsy, constantly having near-death experiences

Vampire Special Talents: Shield

Family: (DAD) Charlie Swan, (MOM) Renee Dwyer, (STEP DAD) Phil Dwyer, (HUSBAND) Edward Cullen, (BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER) Renneesme Carlie Cullen..Nessie, (FATHER IN-LAW) Carlisle Cullen, (MOTHER IN-LAW) Esme Cullen, (SISTER'S IN-LAW) Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen, (BROTHER'S IN-LAW) Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale.

Description: Long brown wavyish hair, Redish/Gold eyes

Born: September 13, 1987-2008

Places Lived: Phoenix, Arizona, [Forks] Washington

CarsRed 1953 Chevy Pickup, Repaired Motorcycle, Red Ferrari, and Mercedes Gardian

She Is A: Vampire

Changed By: Edward Cullen [Her Husband]

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