The Other Werewolves

All the werewolves are part of the Quileutes .The story goes that the werewolves have only one enemy the cold ones(The Vampires). When the vampires / cold ones are around they change into werewolves. In this pack there is 10 wolves.


Full Name: Brady

Status: Werewolf

Job: Protector of the Quileute tribe

Embry Call

Full Name: Embry Call

Date of Birth:  1990

Originally from:  LaPush

Hair color:  Black

Eye color:  Brown

Height:  6’3” ish

Looks :  Tall and slender – almost as tall as Jacob.  His hair falls just to his shoulders. 

Job:  Protect the LaPush area from Vampires.

Hobbies: Riding and fixing up dirt bikes

Seth Clearwater

Full Name Seth Clearwater

Date of Birth  1992

Originally From : La Push

Looks : Bella describes him as having a "huge, happy grin" and "long, gangly build" and reminding her very much of a younger Jacob (NM6). As a werewolf he is also gangly and has sand-colored fur (EC18).

Job: Protector of La Push


Full NameCollin

Job: Protector of La Push

Sam Uley

Full Name:  Sam Uley

Date of Birth:  1986

Hair color:  Black 

Eye color:  Brown

Height: Very tall

Looks:  In wolf form Sam has a coat of black – as tall as a horse but more muscular with dagger like incisors 

Job:  Leader of the Quileute pack

Hobbies: Protecting the Forks area


Full Name: Jared

Job: Protector of La Push


Full Name: Paul

Looks: In New Moon, Jacob says that "Paul’s just sixteen, too, shorter than me and not as beefy as Quil." (NM7) Bella describes Paul’s transformation as: "Dark silver fur blew out from the boy, coalescing into a shape more than five-times his size—a massive, crouched shape, ready to spring." (NM14)

Job: Protector of LaPush

Leah Clearwater

Full Name: Leah Clearwater

Hair Color: Black

Looks:  "Leah was a senior like me, but a year older. She was beautiful in an exotic way–perfect copper skin, glistening black hair, eyelashes like feather dusters" (NM6) When in wolf form, Edward describes her as a "smaller gray wolf." (EC19)

Job: Protector of the La Push Reservation

Quil Ateana

Name: Quil Ateara

Status: Werewolf

Job: Protector of Quileute tribe

Description: muscular, chocolate-brown fur when a werewolf

Imprinted on: Claire

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