From The Other Side Of The Window

Title: From the Other Side of the Window
Author: l3rutal
Main Characters: Bella, Edward, Jacob
Rating: PG13


Bella's POV:

Bella was staring out her bedroom window, into to the bedroom from across the street. 
'When will you get him out of your head! You're married for G-d sakes! It's been eight years, he's not coming back!' The voice in her head scolded. There was no mistaking the pale skin and topaz eyes. He was there, or at least, one of the Cullens was in that bedroom.

Her young son's screams interrupted Bella's reverie. 
"Mommy! Mommy! Look what Daddy got me!" Little Anthony squealed, as he dashed into her bedroom to show off his giant lollipop.

"Wow!" Bella replied with the artificial enthusiasm one uses when speaking to a small child. "Did you tell Daddy thank you?" 

"No..." He said as he puckered his lower lip in guilt.

"Well go tell Daddy thank you, and then tell him that it's his turn to tuck you in." She replied, as she scooped him up to give him a kiss.

"'Night Mommy!" Anthony ran out of the room.

Bella sighed. Jacob was the closest thing to love she had... ever since He left. She never told Jacob her true reason behind naming their son Anthony. She sighed again and looked into her neighbor's bedroom window again. She felt extremely guilty for wishing that it really was Him, stalking her protectively like he once did. Warm lips kissed Bella's neck. She smiled, Jacob never failed to make her happy.
Bella froze. Those eyes were there again, but had disappeared as quickly as they came.

"What is it honey?" Jacob asked.

"Snoopy neighbors." Bella replied. Jacob chuckled.

"I can fix that." He said as he pulled down the shades. They kissed passionately, and Jacob carried Bella to the bed.

Edward's POV:

Edward angrily watched Bella make love to another man. Jacob had not closed the shades all the way, and with 
his inhuman eyesight, Edward saw everything. 

'It was stupid to have come here! How could I expect her to wait for me?! Do I enjoy having my heart ripped to shreds?!' He thought heatedly to himself, as he started pacing. 'She deserves a warm human, not some cold bloodsucking demon' He thought sadly, as he watched the only love of his existence, with another man.
It was like the first year of his separation from her, the pain was crashing onto him like a tsunami. Though he had to admit, it was far better than living with Rosalie in the same house constantly reminding him of how pathetic he was. He was tired of Esme and Carlisle's sympathetic thoughts, Jasper's guilt, and being surrounded by three couples! But he had never expected Bella to get over him so quickly!

Bella's POV:

Bella was awoken by Jacob, who was already fully dressed. He kissed her lightly on the lips and told her he had already made Anthony breakfast. Bella dressed quickly and found Anthony finishing up his cereal, but with his 5-year-old motor skills, some of it was on the floor.

"Ready for school sweetie?" Bella asked him, in a very good mood.

"Yep yep!" He yelled enthusiastically as he jumped into Bella's arms.
'I'll clean the mess up later.' Bella thought as she grabbed Anthony's things, and locked the door behind her. She unlocked the car, put her bags down, and picked Anthony up. 

“Let's go strap you in!” She said cheerfully, as she ruffled his shoulder length, silky black hair. That and his abnormal height for a 5-year-old, was the only thing Anthony had inherited from his father.

“Look Mommy! There's a car here!” Anthony pointed at a silver Volvo, that was parked directly in front of her own car.

Bella gasped, and then said quietly, “Let's go see who it is.”



Edward's POV:

Edward was staring at the television watching reruns of a bad horror movie. He usually preferred comedies, but most comedies involved romance, and he couldn't watch something that painful. He heard her mind before he heard her knock.

'Open the door Edward.' she thought. Edward couldn't recognize her mind, but he knew she was definitely immortal, because she knocked loud enough for an immortal to hear, but not a human. He opened the door. 

“Hello Edward.” Jane said as she invited herself into his house. 

Edward growled as he recognized her from Eleazar's memories. “What do you want?” He asked.

“Aro sends his regards.” Jane said casually. “And a warning: 'Don't disturb the human girl. Her mate is a werewolf, and if he kills you the Volturi will not take part in any war that arises.'” She flashed him a menacing smile. 'Is that clear?' she thought.

“Yes. Now leave.” said Edward bluntly, and he returned to his movie. Before Jane could reply, the loud doorbell rang.

“I got it!” Jane said, as she dashed to the door. 

“Is Edward here..?” Bella asked timidly. Jane's eye color obviously intimidated her. Edward walked toward the door.

“What do you want?” Jane asked nastily.

“Your Volvo is blocking my driveway.” Bella replied, with her son protectively in her arms.

“Sorry about that.” Edward replied. He had wanted a chance to talk to her so he blocked her car. Now was definitely not a good time. He didn't like the way Jane was eying Bella's son. Edward stepped around Jane and went towards his car. He turned to Bella and saw her staring at him. He was only wearing boxers and a thin T shirt. This would have amused him if Anthony's eye color hadn't caught his attention. It was the same green eyes he had seen in Carlisle's memories. His memories of Edward before he was a vampire.


Bella's POV:

Why am I so... angry? I'm married aren't I? So why can't he have a vampire girlfriend? I don't own Edward, he can do whatever he likes. If that means that he'll always be around, reminding me of my pathetic obsession... Then I'll take it, so long as I know he still exists.

I sighed as I stepped out of my car. “C'mon Anthony, you don't want to keep Lucie waiting right?” Thanks to Jacob's obsession with soap operas, Anthony decided that he was 'In Love' with Lucie, his preschool teacher.

I was still thinking about Edward and that vampire girl, when I reached the house. Of course, Edward was sitting on the steps, blocking the entrance to my house.

Our eyes met, and I couldn't look away. I felt like nothing mattered anymore only his suffocating stare. I felt my cheeks blush, and my heart race. How I yearned to touch him, I felt the old electricity, and I couldn't look away. He had such a pained look on his face, I bet he felt awkward by how stupid I was.

“Bella,” He murmured, stepping closer to me, “I need to talk to you.”

“Inside,” was all I could say, still trapped in his eyes.

He followed me inside, and I all but collapsed on the couch. 

“Bella,” I loved the way his voice caressed my name. “I owe you an apology.”

No, no no no no no!!!! It was that female wasn't it? She drank Anthony!! Or maybe she hurt Jacob!! No!! They where the only reason I didn't end my life, after Charlie died in a freak car accident.

Edward immediately reassured me. “No one's hurt Bella, let me explain.”

I took a few breaths and tried to calm myself down.

“Bella.” Edward used the full force of his eyes as he sat down next to me. If he didn't stop that my heart might just pop out of my chest. “I'm sorry for leaving you  so cruelly eight years ago. I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry you're wed to something possibly more dangerous than myself. I'm sorry for never being able to stay away from you.  But most of all I'm sorry that you doubted my unending love for you.” 

I hadn't noticed how close I was to him until I was kissing him. His hands were cradling my face, and I grabbed his hair and pulled him as close as possible. This time he didn't stop me. It felt so good, but suddenly I remembered Jacob and Anthony, the only boys I was supposed to love. I pulled away from him, and he had a guilty expression on his face. 

“I'm so sorry, I thought I would be able to control myself,”  He muttered shamefully. Of course he put all the blame on himself, as usual. 

I felt the tears in my eyes. Why did he have to come now? It was too late. Did he enjoy watching me suffer? The tears started falling. “Just leave,” I gasped. I couldn't handle having him so close, and not loving him. Edward nodded sadly and left. I ran to the shower and tried to calm down. Then I remembered that werewolves could smell vampires, and that Jacob would smell Edward on my face. I took my strongest smelling shampoo and started scrubbing my face as hard as I could. I rushed my shower so that I could remove all traces of Edward from the house.

Edward's POV:

Her rejection hurt far more than I expected. Of course, I hadn't expected her to drop everything and run off with me, but nonetheless the pain of rejection crashed onto me in painful waves. Why had I lost control? She was married and I obviously angered her with my lack of self control. I should have never have come here.

I heard Jacob and Anthony knocking on the door, and Bella's happy squeal when she saw her family. How could I take that away form her? Suddenly, I remembered that Jacob would smell my scent. In less than 5 seconds I was knocking on their front door. I didn't want to mess up Bella's life. Jacob answered the door.

“What do you want?” he demanded, and it reminded me of Jane's tone with Bella this morning.

“My... acquaintance and I will be around here for a while, I didn't want to alarm you...” I stated. 

I tried to tune into his thoughts, and all I got was a mental image. A young girl, who looked about 15 was sitting on the outskirts of the Makah Reservation. Her dark eyes where staring intently towards the forest. Suddenly I understood, that dog had imprinted, when he had the most perfect woman as his wife! I let out a low growl and he realized that I could read his thoughts.

'Please don't tell Bells,' He pleaded silently, 'I want to break it to her myself'

“Fine.” I stormed back to my home. How dare he?! If Bella was my-- No that's not going to happen. She won't want me, especially after being hurt twice by immortals. Yes, she'll probably settle for a boring, safe, human. Suddenly Jane sat down next to me. “Didn't you leave already?” I grumbled.

“My escort is... busy, so can I crash here for the night?” I grimaced as she thought of how Demetrius plays with his food.

“If you'll leave me alone then fine.” I said, happy that she was not attracted to me at all.

“Mmm Hmm,” she left to the guest bedroom. I heard strange noises, as if she was breaking something, coming from the room. I rolled my eyes. This Jane was starting to remind me of Alice. Suddenly she was back, and she gave me a strange look. 

“Do you know what my power is, Edward?” she asked cheerfully.

“Pain?” I asked, reading it straight from her thoughts.

She smiled dangerously. “May I test it on you?” she didn't wait for my response. She concentrated on me for a moment, and instantaneously I was on the floor writhing in pain. It was like I was burning again, but ten times worse. As quickly as it had come, the pain left. I realized it was all mental, because I was not sore at all when she stopped. I shot her a glare.

 Jane giggled and said, “I tried it on your little girlfriend today, and strangely enough she didn't feel it at all.” That was the last straw, before I could stop myself, I attacked her.



Bella's POV:

Everything was going wrong. Since Edward kissed me, Jacob has become increasingly distant. He didn't know did he? He wouldn't even come within two feet of me. It's been three weeks. If he would have known he would have talked to me about it. Jacob and I used to share everything, what is going on? And Edward! Every time I see him, he glares at me as if I ruined his day! The only boy who isn't driving me insane is Anthony.

I heard Jacob unlock the front door. It was 8:30 when he came in, and I had tucked Anthony in.

“Hey Bells,” he said dully. 

I looked him straight in the eye and asked, “What's going on Jacob?”

“We need to talk...”

I nodded and sat down beside him on the couch. I desperately wished that he didn't know about the kiss.

“The Elders made a treaty with the Makahs, so Sam sent me and Embry to patrol their Rez. There was one girl sitting at the outskirts of the Rez and... I-I-I--”

“You imprinted?!” I said incredulously. “I thought when I married you that meant it was for life!”

“Bells,” he begged, “maybe I could just be her friend, I still love you.”

I glared at him. “It's not love if its out of pity! We both know very well that imprinting is to make better wolf babies so cut the crap Jacob!”

He chuckled darkly. “You accuse ME of fake love?! YOU'RE the one who never loved me Bella! YOU'RE the one still drooling over that freaking bloodsucker!!”

I was shocked. How dare he?! “EXCUSE ME!” I yelled.

He didn't reply. “Go. Go run off with your new love Jacob.” I said in a low voice.

“I own this house.” He said bluntly.

“DAMMIT JACOB GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!” I yelled, trying to hold back the tears. He left. He didn't even apologize. I let the tears fall. How could he?! After all we've been through? I wasn't heartbroken because I knew deep down what Jacob said was true. I felt like I was going to explode from all this rage and guilt. I laid on the couch and cried, letting it all out.

I heard a soft voice whimper, “Mommy, why did daddy leave?”

I looked up and saw Anthony standing a few feet away from me, at the verge of tears, while holding Mr. Blankie. I got up and held him in my arms.

“You want to sleep with Mommy tonight?” My voice cracked. Anthony nodded. 

When I reached my room, I tucked Anthony in, and kissed his cheek. I got into bed next to him, and fell asleep almost immediately.

I felt a light tap on my cheek. I opened my eyes saw Anthony standing in front of me, with a bowl of cereal in his hands.

“I brought you breakfast in bed Mommy!” he said proudly handing me the cereal. I smiled at him, thinking of the mess that he must have made in the kitchen. I ate the soggy Cheerios as Anthony ran off to dress up as Spider Man, his current superhero.

Edward's POV:

I swallowed back the venom pooling in my mouth as I pinned Jane against the wall. 

“Edward,” she warned, “let go of me or I'll hurt you.”

I brought my mouth dangerously close to her neck. “Give me a good reason not to kill you.” 

She growled and used her power on me. Instead of dropping like a stunned human, I gripped her tighter. She moaned in pain, and abruptly the pain stopped. We were both gasping for air.

“LET GO OF ME!” she shrieked, trying uselessly to escape from my grasp.

I chuckled darkly. “It's a shame no one thought you would need to learn to fight, isn't it.”

“Carlisle wouldn't want you to do this, Edward,” she begged.

I froze, allowing her to escape from my grasp. “Go,” I ordered, “I swear Jane, if I ever see your face again I will kill you.” She dashed out of the house, and I knew she wasn't going to come back.

In that instant I made up my mind. I was not going to stay here any longer. Bella could easily find a new mortal husband, and I was just messing up her life. I heard three sharp taps on my door. I opened the door and found Jacob Black standing there, wet from the rain.


Edward's POV:

“What do you want?” I growled. His thoughts were far to violent for my taste.

“I'm here to warn you,” he looked me straight in the eye. Jacob honestly thought he could kill me.

I chuckled darkly.

“Bella is mine,” he snarled, “any mate a wolf has is part of the pack. If you come within ten feet of her, I swear I will do everything in my power to destroy you.”

I was dumbfounded. His thoughts were so completely centered on his imprint that I had no idea that this was were he was going. Immediately, the fury kicked in.

“Excuse me?!” I demanded.

Jacob left without another word, off to see his imprint no doubt.

'And so the war begins,' I thought to myself. I now realized that I could never stay away from Bella, and that these past eight years were further proof of the fact. I would grovel if I had to, as long as that meant that I could get her safely out of this future war zone. And maybe, after she's safe, she'd be willing to give our relationship a second try.
I was standing outside Bella's doorstep, internally debating whether to wait till morning or talk to her now, when the werewolves thoughts reached my mind. One of them had spotted me, and ran off to tell Jacob that I had ignored his warnings. Great, now I had to rush her to Carlisle's home, because I stood no chance against the pack of six. (AN: The Cullens never came back so the pack is pretty small)

I swore quietly, took one last breath, and knocked on her door. 

“What do you want?” she demanded.

“May I come in?” I asked. It was pouring buckets.

She paused, and finally said, “Fine.”

She closed the door behind me, and my throat ached as her scent washed over me. She seemed to notice. “When was the last time you fed?” she asked my curiously, staring into my pitch black eyes.

I grinned at her casual usage of my eating habits. “Bella, do you really think I would endanger you like that?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but I continued before she got the chance. “Bella, you need to come with me. It's dangerous for you to stay here.”

“Why do you suddenly care about my safety?”

“I would have never left if it--”

“Wasn't for my own good? Alice visited me when she had a vision of me throwing myself off a cliff! If you cared you would have come! So don't give me that 'safety' crap!” I was shocked. How could she jump off a cliff? Was she so willing to end her life?!

“A cliff..?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“I'm alive-- no thanks to you,” she said angrily.

“Bella,” I begged, “please trust me. I wouldn't  ask you to come if it wasn't completely necessary.”

She looked at me uncertainly. “You promise to explain everything later?”

“Of course Bella,” I said, relieved that she was coming with me.

She hurried off to pack up. I knew none of the dogs would touch me as long as I had a “pack member” with me. Bella returned with a small suitcase.

“Go put this in your car, I'm going to get Anthony,” she handed me the suitcase. I went to my car at a human speed and put the suitcase in the trunk. I was about to go back to her home, when I saw Bella carrying the sleeping Anthony towards my car.
Instantly I was by her side. “Do you want me to take him?”

“I'm fine.”

I grinned, I had noticed how simply standing beside Bella put me in a euphoric mood.

Bella's POV:

We had been driving for an hour when the depression set in. We were driving on a dark highway, and Edward kept asking me if I was OK, putting me in an even worse mood. I closed my eyes, and the memory, like a film, started playing in my head.

Jacob and I were driving on a deserted highway, on our way to visit Billy in La Push. At the time, I was a month pregnant with Anthony and didn't have the courage to tell Jacob. During the first hour of the drive, Jacob kept asking me why I was in such a bad mood, which made me feel guilty. Thanks to my crazy hormones I had started to cry, which made Jacob pull over. He got out of the car, opened my car door and got down on one knee. That's when he proposed.

Jacob hadn't even remembered, and had dropped the imprint bomb on our 4 year anniversary. I tried as hard as I could to hold back the tears, but I failed. I started to cry hysterically, and Edward pulled over. 

“NO! Keep driving!” I gasped through the tears. He listened and immediately started to drive. Thankfully, Edward didn't ask what was wrong and I managed to drift into an uneasy sleep.

Alice's POV:

I was standing beside Edward, and everything around me was pitch black. He was smiling, for the first time in years. I tried to speak to him, but suddenly he disappeared, leaving me in the darkness.

“Alice? What did you see?” Jasper asked, sensing my immense frustration.

“It's the fourth time that I've had a vision about Edward,” I grumbled.

“What was it?”

“He was standing beside me, smiling, and then he just disappeared!” I never had such a strange vision before.

“Disappeared? Like... ceasing to exist?” Jasper was obviously worried.

“No, more like... not letting me see him. But for all I know, he could be burning.” I sighed. 

Bella's POV:

The next morning I awoke to find Anthony cuddled beside me. I looked up to find Edward smiling a brilliant smile. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled back. I noticed that I was still in his car.

I thought you'd rather be awake when we get to the house,” he murmured, bringing his face close to mine. I tried desperately to keep my breathing even.

“Thanks,” was all I managed to say. 

“Mommy? Where am I?” Anthony looked at me with his big, green eyes.

“We're going to a surprise place!” I whispered excitedly to him. My poor acting skills seemed to convince him, and he instantly started bombarding me with hundreds of questions. Edward started the car, and we were off. For the next two hours we managed to keep an overly polite conversation. I gave him a meaningful look that clearly stated 'We need to talk. For real.'

Suddenly Edward stopped the car, a couple meters from an extravagant house. He took a deep breath, and winced. “Let's go,” he said warily, and instantly he was outside my car door with Anthony in his arms. He put the laughing Anthony down, and opened the car door for me, just as I had finished unstrapping myself. Anthony was holding Edward's hand as we walked toward the slightly intimidating house.

When we stepped inside, everyone stared at us, shocked. Esme recovered first, and instantly pulled Edward into a tight hug. 

“I've missed you Edward,” she said, in an impossibly maternal tone. “Don't you dare ever do that me again!” Abruptly she pulled away, eying Anthony curiously. “Who is this?” she inquired.

“He's my son, Anthony,” I said, smiling proudly at the best thing that Jacob ever gave me. 

Rosalie walked cautiously toward Anthony. “You're so cute!” she exclaimed. I was surprised, of all people, Rosalie was being nice?

Anthony looked at her, and briefly glanced at the rest of the Cullens. “You guys are vampires!” he said happily, as if he finally managed to find the missing piece to some puzzle.

The rest of the Cullens came to greet Edward, and kept an awkward distance from me. Alice looked at me skeptically. 

“You told Anthony about us?”

“His father is a werewolf, it was an unavoidable topic,” I sighed. Everybody was suddenly treating me like a bomb that's ready to explode.

Emmett chuckled, and gave me a rather painful high five. “DUH! Bella only goes for the monsters! Right Edward?!” He nudged Edward. I blushed and was pleasantly surprised when Rose slapped Emmett. Rosalie took Anthony and started talking to him animatedly, with Emmett at her heels.

“Should I be worried?” I asked Carlisle.

“It's Rosalie's dream come true. She's always wanted a child,” Edward growled. So much for a reassuring reply.


Edward's POV:

I lightly tapped on the guest room door, where Bella and Anthony were staying, while part of me hoped that Bella was asleep.

“Come in.” she said quietly. I stepped inside. Anthony was asleep in a small twin sized bed, while Bella was reading Interview with the Vampire

“Interesting book choice.” I said as I sat down beside her bed.

“It's a very good book.” she retorted playfully.

“Except for the fact that none of it is true.”

“It's called fantasy, so there,” she closed the book, and studied my face for a moment, “Why did you come here?”

“I owe you an explanation." I started telling her why I made her leave her house.

Bella sighed. “Edward, I think he was bluffing. I mean, so long as I'm not in danger,  the other members of the pack wouldn't listen to him. Besides, Paul is usually on duty to check on me, so I'm not surprised that he'd go tell Jacob, just to make him mad...”

I thought about what she said for a moment. When I looked up I was surprised by how close her face was to mine. Bella's heart raced, and I leaned cautiously. I was millimeters away from her lips when she moved her head away. 

Bella shook her head. “I can't...” she whispered, looking at the sleeping Anthony. I nodded, while trying to ignore how much her rejection hurt.

“Good night.” I told Bella quietly as I left her room.

Jasper's POV:

It was rather painful to be in the same room as Edward and Bella. They both felt extremely awkward around each other, but at the same time, I have never felt to people who wanted each other so badly. Quite frankly, it was driving me insane! 

After telling her about it Alice said, “Remember my first vision about Bella?”

“That Edward would murder her?” I asked.

“No, no, the one after that.”

“What about it?”

“It's still going to happen, it's all just a matter of time.” she said smugly.

Jacob's POV:

“NO!” I yelled, “The whole point of this pack is to protect humans from vampires! I can't let her go!” What sort of protectors were we? Bella might be damned for all eternity if I don't stop the damn bloodsucker!

Sam tried to comfort me. “Jake, I know what you're going through, when I imprinted on Emily, I still loved Leah. But in the end, you have to give in and move on. You can't have both, it's wrong Jacob. Rachel was made for you, and as much as I hate to admit it, Bella was made for the leech...”

“And Anthony?” I asked darkly, “Does he also have to suffer from his mother's choices?”

“Bella would NEVER hurt Anthony man. Now you're just being a jerk!” Quil said angrily. Great! Even my closest friend was against me.

“So you guys are just gonna let her run off with the leech?!” I said incredulously, my hands beginning to shake in fury.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Paul said coldly.

“Jacob, please! Stay, if not for Bella, then for Rachel,” Jared pleaded.

Rachel. She was... well the whole point of my existence. I could imagine what my departure would do to her, or me for that matter. I knew I couldn't stay away long enough to kill the leech. Suddenly, it hit me. Who hates Edward as much as I do? The plan began to formulate itself in my mind.

“Fine. I'll stay, for Rachel.” I sighed and left Sam's house. 

As soon as I was out of there, I grinned widely. That leech was going to pay, big time.


Bella's POV:

Everyone left. Emmett and Jasper went to hunt mountain lions at about 5 am. Alice and Rosalie took Anthony toy shopping, and and Esme accompanied Carlisle to the hospital, to play with the sick children. This was obviously Alice's plan to get us alone together. Great. Edward sat at one end of the couch and I at the other. Could it get any more awkward?! 

I really wanted to be with him, and I was tired of doing what everyone else wanted. When Edward left I let him go because I thought he didn't want me. When Jacob wanted me as more than a friend I agreed even though I didn't feel the same way. On the other hand, how do you tell a 5-year-old boy that Mommy and Daddy don't love each other anymore, and that Mommy is dating someone else? I did exactly what I promised my mom I wouldn't do. I got pregnant, got married, and now am separated from my husband.

Edward and I sat in silence, staring blankly at the television screen. Edward kept looking at me, no doubt trying to figure out what I was thinking about so hard.

I gasped. A sickening thought came to mind. If Edward thought I don't want him, the moment he realizes that Jacob wouldn't dare harm me, he will leave me again. The hole tingled uncomfortably in my chest, just at the thought.

“Bella, what's the matter?” Edward was genuinely worried. I looked away, thankful that he couldn't read my mind. 

“Bella, look at me.” Why did he sound so sad? He took my face in his hands, forcing me to look at him.

I stared into his topaz eyes and everything just clicked. No matter how hard we tried to stay away from each other, or how complicated our relationship was, I was his, and Edward was mine. It was as simple as that.

He smiled my favorite crooked smile. Edward must have come to the same conclusion as I did. My heart raced as he leaned in closer.

“Is this okay?” He murmured, his lips almost brushing against mine. I closed the space between us and he pulled me onto his lap.

“Much better,” I whispered, pressing my lips against his. I was glad we were alone, because my heart rate was embarrassing. I put my hands in his bronze hair and pulled him as close as possible to me. Edward's hands were exploring my face when he abruptly froze, and peeled me off of him.

“Alice,” he said, and after a moment began to laugh.

“You can hear her?” I panted, still slightly out of breath.

“Yes, she's going to be here in about a minute,” he sighed.

“This was all a plan of hers, right?”

He grinned. “That's why I was laughing,” he stood up.

The door slammed open and Alice skipped in grinning madly. Rosalie followed behind her carrying a sobbing Anthony.

Rachel's POV:

He stood me up! Jacob said he'd pick me up from school, and here I am half an hour later, soaked thoroughly. I angrily grabbed my cellphone and started dialing his number.

“Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. 1-347-555-6038 is unavailable. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording press pound...”


“Jacob Black, I hope for your sake that there is a good reason why this is the fifteenth message I left you today. If I don't get home today it's all your fault! Why aren't you picking up!!” I hung up. I wondered if any of my messages were even saved, since I never bothered to press pound.

My phone rang.

“About time!” I yelled at him. He deserved such a greeting.

“Rachel, this is Sam speaking.” Damn.

“Oh, um, hey Sam?” Why was he calling me?

“Have you seen Jacob today?”

“No! He was supposed to pick me up, but that loser stood me up!” As my mother would say, I was 'letting my teen angst out' on others.

“Do you know where he could be?”

I paused for a moment. Was he missing or something. “Well, he kept mentioning Anthony. That's his son, right?”


“I'll have Emily pick you up Rachel. You're at your high school, correct?”

“Yep. Thanks Sam.” He hung up on me. Whatever. The only thing that bothered me now was my Jacob missing.


Sorry, this is mainly filler for the next chapter 

Edward's POV:

“What happened sweetie?” Bella murmured to Anthony, while wiping away his tears. She sat down beside me on the couch, with Anthony on her lap.

“Th-th-there was a You-Know-What,” he sobbed; soaking her shoulder with his tears. 

I had difficulty reading Anthony's mind. If he really concentrated on something, I could hear him clearly, but I couldn't hear his aimless thoughts at all. Most of the time I could understand the tone of his thoughts. Not the exact wording, but the direction his thoughts were headed. I assume he inherited that from Bella.

Anthony's thoughts were very clear at the moment. Alice, Rosalie, and Anthony, had been walking from the car to the mall. Anthony looked towards his left, and saw a 30-year-old man walking his golden retriever. That's when Anthony started to panic.

“Anthony's afraid of dogs?!” Rosalie asked incredulously. Bella had just finished telling Rosalie about Anthony's phobia.

“But his father is a dog! No offense Bella,” Alice grabbed Anthony and started tickling him. “You're such a silly kid!” 

“Why is he afraid of dogs?” I inquired, as I put my arm around Bella's shoulders.

“A few months ago,” she began, “Anthony was playing in the park, when he saw a large brown dog. It was a friend's dog, so after half an hour of his pleading, I allowed Anthony to walk Yoshi around the park. Long story short, Yoshi saw pigeons, and started to chase after them. Anthony didn't let go of the leash, so he was dragged across the pavement.”

I winced. I didn't blame him for panicking.

“As sad as that story is... I'm in desperate need of a new dress, so Anthony, do you want to come with us?” Rose asked hopefully. I wouldn't mind getting a little more alone time with Bella...

“Mommy,  can I stay with you?” Anthony begged. 

“Of course you can stay with us!” Bella said brightly, as she ruffled Anthony's black hair.  

“We'll be back in a couple of hours,” Alice said, as she and Rosalie dashed out the door, off to their shopping expedition. So much for alone time. 

Rachel's POV:

I stared blankly at Quil.

“Jacob would not do this to me! I don't believe you!” I wiped away my angry tears.

“Do you want me to playback his voicemail message?” He asked me kindly, feeling my pain. I couldn't stay mad at Quil, I mean, he told me before he told the rest of the pack.

“Play it.” Quil entered his voicemail password.

“You have, three new messages and one saved message. To hear your new messages press one, to hear your saved messages press two,” the robotic female voice stated.

Quil pressed two.

“Hey Quil,” Jacob's voice filled the room. “I know you are at Claire's birthday party, which is why I called you. I can't live with this guilt man! When I sleep, I dream of Bella and Anthony! I've got to apologize, so I'm going to the bloodsuckers' lair. Don't bother to look for me, because I'm not phasing nor answering my cell. Don't worry about me, and send my love to Rachel. I'll be back soon enough. Just don'--” Abruptly the message ended.

“What?! Don't do what?!” God, that dog was going to give me a heart attack!

“I don't know, I guess his message was too long so it got cut off...”

“Jake, please don't do something stupid,” I whimpered quietly, letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

9. This is short... but very exciting XD 

Bella's POV:

I glared angrily at the toilet bowl. I had just vomited my cereal, and was starting to feel dizzy. I got up, turned the faucet, and splashed my face with cool water. My reflection looked slightly green, and upset. This was the second day in a row that I suffered from morning sickness.

The towel in my hands fell to the floor. 'No!' I thought, as I started to recount the days since I got my period. I should have gotten it two weeks ago. I tried to remember the last time I had unprotected sex. Of course, the day that I first saw Edward's eyes through my window! My stomach sank.  That was five weeks ago.

“No, no, NO!” I muttered. No matter how I looked at it, I was pregnant. Great! It wasn't enough that he left me. Fate just had to rub it in my face and get me pregnant with his kid! 

“Alice...” I called shakily, leaving the bathroom. 

“Yep?” she asked, appearing behind me.

“Can you take me to a pharmacy?” I said quietly.

“Not feeling well, huh? Sure, no problem, I'll take you...” As usual, Alice started rambling about something completely unrelated.

“Where are you off to?” Edward asked, putting his arm around my waist.

“Bella needs to get a couple of things. Oh Edward, I was in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek with Anthony, so can you go find him for me?” Alice replied, as she pulled me out of the house.

“So Bella, what's wrong with you?” she inquired cheerfully as she started the car.

“I think I'm pregnant,” I finally muttered when we were far from the house. I definitely did not need Edward to hear about this yet.

Alice abruptly braked, causing a lot of cars to honk.

“What?! You and Edwa-”

“If I'm pregnant, it's from Jacob.”

“Well we need to get you a pregnancy test.”

“That's why we're here,” I said, keeping my eyes on the window.

“Did you and Edward ever-”

“No! Can we please change the subject!” I blushed, extremely embarrassed by her questions.

After I bought the test Alice asked, “Not to sound 'behind the times', but what are you going to do with that?”

“Just get me to a bathroom Alice...” 

Alice pulled up at a gas station. I got into the repulsive bathroom, and followed the instructions on the box. For two long minutes I waited for the results I didn't want to hear. After counting 120 seconds in my head, I looked down at the test. 

It was positive. 

Damn it.

10. & We're In Double Digits 

Bella's POV:

I had expected the test to be positive, but what I hadn't expected was the grief that overcame me... and Alice's reaction.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, Alice had a completely blank expression on her face, mirroring my own. I felt guilty for not wanting the child. Just because I wasn't on speaking terms with Jacob, doesn't mean my baby should suffer. On the other hand, what the hell did I do to have my time with Edward cut short?! I tried to stop myself from crying, as I realized the only life I ever wanted was slowly crumbling in front of my eyes.

“Come Bella,” Alice said sharply, grabbing my wrist.

“Alice I...” What could I say? I'm sorry that your vision wasn't what you wanted to see? I changed my sentence midway, “can you not tell Edward about this? I'm not read-”

“Don't worry,” She interrupted, “I'm not taking you back yet.”


“We have got an appointment with the doctor. I don't trust that piece of plastic,” Alice growled. She was in denial. Did she really want to be disappointed again?

I climbed into Edward's new car. One of the first things Rosalie told him was, “You seriously need a new car, your Volvo is so outdated.” So with the help of Emmett, she picked out a newer model. The only thing Edward insisted on was that it would be a silver one. Today it didn't lighten my mood.

Alice burst into tear less sobs beside me, resting her head against the steering wheel. 

“Alice... I...” This was all my fault! How could I blame the poor little fetus growing inside me?! So innocent, so pure? It was I who took Jacob when he was not mine to take! All. My. Fault. 

“I'm sorry,” she whimpered, her amber eyes glistening. “I can't lose you again Bella! I CAN'T!!” Her anguished cry shook the car. She took a few unnecessary breaths to calm herself down.

She looked me straight in the eye. “Bella, you can't leave me. You're my sister, and I love you!”

I finally understood her sudden outburst. “Alice, my child comes first. Once Anthony was going to be old enough to start first grade I was going to go back home. I can't ruin his life for my selfish desires.” The tears started to slowly roll down my cheeks, but I wanted to finish my explanation before I had a full scaled crying jag.

“What about Edward?! He loves you Bella! He can't live without you! I can't live without you,” she said this very quietly, but her words hit me hard. I was doing exactly what Edward did to me eight years ago.

“We're going to be late,” Alice said coldly. She was upset with me, and the little child growing inside me. She was so innocent, my little child, how could I ever doubt her existence?

The drive was a silent one. The silence spoke the words we couldn't speak. I had never seen Alice so... dead.

When we arrived at the office, sitting at the desk was a fiery red head that literally looked like she had been dragged out of bed. Her name tag indicated that her name was Danielle. 

“So you are the reason I have to work on a Sunday?!” Danielle spat angrily. I didn't blame her, I hated myself as well. She plastered a smile on her face. “Doctor Crawford will be with you shortly,” she said, bored and irritated. We sat in silence for a while, Alice no doubt searching for the future she yearned for.

“Bella?” an attractive man said. He looked like he was in his early thirties. I assumed that he was Dr. Crawford. Alice followed me into his office, and held my hand when he took some blood from me. We both winced when his needle pierced my skin, for very different reasons. Dr. Crawford asked us to wait in the waiting room, and said that he would call us back when he had the results.

“I already know I'm pregnant,” I told him. “Alice doesn't trust pregnancy tests.”

“I'm sure you'll make a great mother,” he replied, assuming that I wanted to be pregnant.

We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. Alice had her eyes closed and kept muttering, “I can't see..” to herself. 

Meanwhile, I practiced how I would break the news to Edward. This time it would be I who left him, and he no doubt would let me go. Everytime I imagined myself telling him that I was pregnant, I saw his face crumpling in pain, and knew I could never be the one to tell him, for I was too much of a coward. He wouldn't beg me to stay, but I would hurt him nonetheless.

“Bella..?” the doctor finally called. I walked slowly towards him, leaving Alice in the waiting room. I was queasy, and my hands were clammy. I didn't want to hear this. What I wanted was to curl up in Edward's lap and cry. Cry over the fact that I'm nine years older than him, and that the child that I'm carrying wasn't even his. My whole life had become some cruel, twisted joke.

“I'm sorry Bella, but you're not pregnant,” Dr. Crawford said sincerely. What?!

“I'm... not?”


I walked hesitantly towards Alice. She ran towards me and hugged me tightly, repeating “I knew it!” over and over again in my ear. I, on the other hand was not nearly as happy. I felt empty. Of course, it's normal to miss your period or get it late occasionally, and morning sickness isn't exactly uncommon. But I thought I had a baby inside me, and I was sad to see it go. The ride home was silent, and I occupied myself with how I was going to tell Edward about this whole 'adventure'.

Jacob's POV:

A string of profanities escaped my lips as I watched Bella and the leech come back together. Every fiber in my being urged me to phase, and tear the female to shreds. I clenched my shaking fists and tried to contain myself. 

If you phase the pack will know where you are, I reminded myself.
I sighed and sat down, leaning against a tree. Bella had looked uneasy. I decided to wait a while before I go talk to her. A small delay wouldn't ruin everything, right? 



Edward's POV:

I watched in wonder as Anthony played in the snow, cheeks flushed from the cold, grinning from ear to ear. Anthony was just as much of an enigma as his mother. His pale, translucent skin matched the white powdery snow, while his black hair contrasted both and made him eerily resemble an immortal child. Not to mention his partially blocked mind, that I could only read clearly when he was concentrating hard on something. Most of the time I would get the gist of what he was thinking, while at other times nothing at all. I assumed that what I could not hear were errant thoughts. But it was his eyes that kept me up at night – figuratively speaking of course. 

Those intelligent green orbs that sent a wave of uneasiness through me, were seemingly a fluke. Bella had told me that no one in the family had green eyes. Not her parents, not her grandparents, nor any other relative that she could think of. But it wasn't their color that frightened me, rather their congruous resemblance to mine. I only knew this through Carlisle's photographic memories, but the way he looked at me when he first saw Anthony, with bewilderment in his eyes showed me how precisely identical we were. 

His immediate thought had sent me reeling as well, Edward, did you take part in conceiving this child? 

My only response was a glare. He new very well that I would never risk Bella's life like that, but he uncharacteristically jumped to conclusions.

Anthony's delighted shrieks brought me back to reality. I glanced at the bundled child to find Emmett gently throwing snowballs at him. I smiled, and felt an unfamiliar warmth engulf me. It was love. Not the type of love I was accustomed to though. I realized that it was paternal love. In the past few weeks Anthony and Bella had lived here, Anthony had everyone wrapped around his finger, like Bella had me. I had never noticed that his outgoing personality and childish antics had an affect on me. There I was, loving the child that was keeping Bella mortal. He was no longer just Bella's child, he was mine. Oh, the irony of life.

Emmett grabbed Anthony by his knees, and casually tossed him over his shoulder. While Anthony giggled, he dashed into the house, his mind curiously translating 'Hey Jude' to Hebrew. He was obviously planning something, but I chose to ignore him as my thought's drifted once again to Bella. 

I sat down in front of the piano, and experimentally ran my fingers from one end to another. This was the first time I had played piano in eight years, and Esme had kept my baby perfectly tuned. My heart swelled in gratitude as I quietly began to play 'Bella's Lullaby'. My fingers were uncertain and shaky at the beginning, trying to control the whirlwind of emotions that threatened to overwhelm me, rather like the start of our relationship. The song started to grow faster and more powerful, as I expanded the chords and experimented with different octaves. Finally it was at its climax, passionate, booming, and no longer the soft lullaby it once was. I was no longer the empty person I had been all my life, I had life, like the thundering song my hands unconsciously played. And it was all thanks to Bella.   

Suddenly, the door was unceremoniously flung open by an exceptionally giddy Alice. Bella followed quietly behind her, looking rather dazed. I glanced at the grandfather clock, and realized that I had been playing 'Bella's Lullaby' for over two hours. 

'Edward listen up, because I'm only gonna think this once!' Alice thought. I stepped away from the piano and turned my attention to her, and she started remembering her day. When she was finished, I stared open mouthed at Bella, who was absentmindedly playing with Anthony. Before I could say something to her, Anthony spoke.

“Momma, Me and Emmy watched the coolest movie ever!” He said enthusiastically.

“Which movie?” Bella asked suspiciously. Emmett was lucky that Rosalie wasn't home, or he would have been murdered.

“I Am Legend!”

Bella's brows furrowed in anger. God, she was so stunning when she was angry. “EMMETT! THAT MOVIE IS RATED PG13 FOR HORROR! ANTHONY IS FIVE! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

I disguised my chuckle as a cough, while Emmett shamelessly guffawed. “Come on Bells, it was a vampire flick! That's not horror, that's comedy! Besides, the graphics are terrible.”

'Help me and I will owe you forever,' Emmett thought, looking directly at me.

“Bella,” I said quietly, wrapping my arm around her waist. “Do you mind coming to my room for a bit?”

She bit her lip, glancing quickly at Alice. While she was distracted by my invitation, Emmett took the opportunity to steal Anthony away to his room.

'Maybe we can watch American Pie before your mom kills me,' he thought mischievously. Some people never learn.

“Bella?” I murmured.


We walked silently up to my room. I hated all our awkward silences! Why cant our relationship be as natural as it once was?! I opened the door for her, and once she stepped in I locked it. She looked very surprised when she entered. While I was... away,  Esme had pushed my couch to the corner and put a giant bed in its place. She told me it was because she had felt like a 'useless mother'.

I sat down, and motioned for Bella to join me on the bed. She hesitantly sat down beside me.

“I'm so sorry Bella,” I said, using the full force of my eyes on her, in hopes that she'd still want me.

“W-why?” she stuttered.

“Because you're not pregnant.” 

“What?! Did you actually think that I wanted A--her?” 

“Bella, you were about to call it a name, and you refer to it as 'her'.” 

“I was going to say 'another child' and I dislike calling living things 'it',” she lied coolly. I could see right through her facade, although her lying skills have definitely improved. 

“I am not sorry that you are not pregnant with Jacob's child Bella. I'm sorry that we can't have children together,” I continued.

She stiffened. After an awkward silence, she looked at me with a sad smile. “I don't want anymore children, Anthony is enough. Oh, and by the way, I love you.” It was the first time she had said that to me in a long time. 

Before I could stop her, she cupped my face in her hand and kissed me gently. My throat was immediately on fire, but the burn was not nearly as overwhelming my need for her touch. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and crushed her against me – without hurting her. I felt her smile against my lips and she started kissing my neck. I tried very hard not to moan, for if Emmett heard he would no doubt have a field day. Instead, I grabbed her by the hair and pressed her mouth against mine.

“Bella,” I said softly, not trusting myself. Teasingly, she removed herself from me, and shot me a smug smile. 

“This is pretty much the one thing I can do better than you,” she giggled, running her hands through her messy hair. 

“You are such a tease,” I muttered jokingly.

She shrugged. “Since you would have stopped me in five minutes anyway, I thought I might as well end it,” She grinned widely at my stunned expression. When she smiled, she looked no older than twenty. 

“You are cruel, Isabella Marie.”

She chuckled as she put her hair up in a messy bun. “I'm going to bathe Anthony , or kill Emmett, whoever I happen to see first.”

“You may want to kill Emmett first,” I suggested.


“Five-year-olds really shouldn't be watching 'American Pie'.” 

A/N: Okay, I know I promised this to be exciting, and all this really is is a filler BUT It's important to the story... -is running out of excuses- But I can assure that unless a new bit of inspiration hits me -cough- likeBella'salmostpregnancywhichisnotreallyoriginalbutfuntowrite -cough- the action should start next chapter.


Bella's POV:

Anthony was sitting glumly in the bathtub, just staring at me. Not splashing happily; just staring. I hated when Anthony was upset, but he wasn't telling me why he was unhappy.

As I wrapped him in a fluffy white towel he whispered sadly to me, “I miss Daddy.”

The most important man of his life wasn't even there for him. My heart clenched in guilt, for it was I who kicked Jacob out of his life.

I sighed quietly and kissed Anthony's forehead. It was time for the talk. “Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy don't love each other anymore.”

“So Daddy's not coming back no more?” he whimpered. 

“I don't know Sweetie,” I said honestly. I took him out of the tub and dressed him. The silence was painful for it offered me no distractions. A quick tap on the door broke the uncomfortable quiet.

I opened the door, and there stood Edward. His face was completely blank.

“What's wrong?”

He ignored my question, and looked directly at Anthony. “Go downstairs Anthony, someone special is waiting for you.”

Anthony jumped out of my arms and dashed downstairs. 

Edward remained silent.

“Edward...” I put my arms around his neck. “Please, tell me what's wrong!”

“How much do you love me?” he asked me quietly. What?! This behavior was so out of character. 

“More than is probably healthy,” I replied in a tone calmer than I actually was. His next move was even more shocking. He grabbed my face and pulled it to his, pouring all his love into that one kiss. I smiled against his lips. I loved when he kissed me.

“The dog is waiting for you downstairs,” I heard Rosalie yell. I pulled away from him, instantly furious.

“My ex is downstairs and you didn't think of telling me?!” I whispered angrily. I would have yelled if it wasn't for the nosy immortals downstairs.

“Bella I--”

“Thought a silly little human can't handle it? Is that what you thought Edward?!”

“No please let m--”

“Or did you think I would leave you for him, and forget about what he did to--” Before I could continue Edward put his hand on my mouth, successfully silencing me.

“This changes nothing, Love,” he said calmly, removing his hand from my face. 

“Sorry,” I said quietly. He smiled at me. 

“You've had a long day, I don't blame you,” he said gently. His hands cupped my face, bringing me closer to him. I kissed him softly, trying to ignore the fact that Jacob was probably with Anthony right now. His cold lips sent shivers down my spine. My hands involuntarily grabbed his bronze locks, bringing him as close as possible to me.

“See Daddy, I told you Mommy doesn't love you no more!”

I jumped at the sound of Anthony's voice, while Edward kept his arms firmly around my waist. 

“Let's go downstairs, shall we?” I said, flustered. Edward tried to calm me down, but with Anthony in Jacob's arms, that wasn't possible.


Jacob's POV:

I paced impatiently in the little meadow Bella and I had never found all those years ago. Figures that I'd find it only after she ran back to the same damn bloodsucker who broke her heart.

I glanced down at my watch again. 


Victoria was late. Ever since the pack refused to help me bring Bella and Tony back, I had been following her, for my scheme would only succeed if she helped me. 

'Besides, who hates Cullen more than I do?'

I had caught her scent in New Mexico, and followed her. By the time I had finally managed to communicate with her, three weeks had passed. After much convincing, she told me to meet her in this meadow, because it was outside of the pack's reach. 

I was glad I had never found this place with Bella, because truth be told, this place creeped me out.

The bare trees swayed slowly, looking like deformed arms raised toward the eerie blackness. The grass of this place had long died, leaving only a few yellow clumps of grass scattered around the area. A thick fog blurred the meadow, making my super-human eyes unable to see a few feet ahead. If it wasn't horror movie worthy quite yet, the place was unnaturally silent. Like a cemetery, this was a place of death.

The loud crack of a branch breaking snapped me back into reality.

“Dog,” she greeted me coldly, keeping a safe distance.

“Leech,” I retorted. Two can play at that game.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Victoria sneered, her stance defensive.

“I want revenge on Edward Cullen.”

The moment those words left my mouth, everything changed. She stood up straight, her eyes lighting up with both excitement and hate. Victoria was most definitely interested.

“Why do you want him?” she demanded, her suspicions returning.

“He took my wife and son, so I figured if you help me, we can both get what we want. You will get his head, and I my family.”

She glanced at me doubtfully. “What do you have in mind?”

I inhaled deeply through my mouth before explaining my plan to her. Her stench was just as bad through the mouth, and I winced involuntarily.

“My smell repulses you, right?” I started simply. 

She growled tensely. “Get to the point.”

“I'm going to see Bella--”

“SHE'S your wife?!” she wailed loudly. I cringed. No animals scampered away from the noise, for there were none.

“Cullen left her, and we started seeing each other shortly after.” I grimaced at her expression. Pure disgust. 

“And she left you for him..?” she asked skeptically. Her face turned apologetic, probably noticing my bitterness.

“I don't need your pity,” I growled.

She put her hands up as a sign of surrender, obviously noticing my excessive shaking. When will I learn to control my temper?!

“Where do I come into this plan? You visit your wife and..?” her voice trailed off as she expectantly waited for my reply.

“My smell is strong to you, right?” I asked. She rolled her eyes, finally getting more comfortable around me.

“I think we've covered your stench already.”

I smiled grimly. “My son, Anthony, is with Bella.”

“So? Do you want me to apologize?” 

“When I see Bella and Anthony, no doubt all the bloodsuckers will crowd around her, fearing that I will harm her. I will ask Anthony to go upstairs to get something for me, and then escape from the leeches.”

“Well, that will solve nothing!” she snapped. She got frustrated easily, didn't she?

I decided to ignore her outburst. “You will sneak upstairs through the window, and wait for Anthony. When he gets upstairs, you will take him and run. Then it will all be up to Bella. I will contact her a few days later and tell her she has two options: Either she stays with the leech and I have custody over Tony, or she will do the responsible thing and come to La Push.” 

Victoria still looked doubtful. “He's a mind reader,” she quipped, “and not to mention that one of them is a psychic. Don't you think they might, just possibly, see this coming?” If her sarcasm was any heavier, I'd think she was being serious.

I snorted at her ignorance. “That's where you're wrong. The psychic can't see anything with me in the area, and the mind reader will most probably have his thoughts centered on me. All you have to worry about is getting in and out as quickly as possible.”

A moment of silence passed as she considered my plan. Slowly, her face broke into the eeriest of all grins.

“Tomorrow,” she said confidently.

“Tomorrow,” I agreed, silently hoping that all would go well. 

A/N: Jacob is not evil! Just like Edward to extremes in order to protect Bella, Jake is doing the same ^^ 

When we finally got downstairs, Jacob put Anthony down.

“Hey Tony, where's Mr. Blankie? I haven't seen him in a while...” Jacob was trying to get Anthony out of earshot, so we could really talk.

“He's upstairs!” Anthony exclaimed. “Lemme go get him!” He dashed up the stairs.

“What do you want mutt? I can barely breathe through the stench,” Rosalie jeered. 

“Sorry doesn't cover it, does it?” he said to me hesitantly, backing up in the direction of the front door.


“Just leave already Jacob, I'm not in the mood for your crap,” I said quietly, knowing very well that he could hear me.

He left. Well, almost ran, after catching the glare Jasper directed at him.

“Well that was--”

“NO!” Alice roared, dashing up the stairs.

Edward grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. By the time we finally reached the top of the stairs, the rest of the Cullens were already there.

Alice was standing by the entrance of the bedroom Anthony and I shared. Her face was contorted in shock. What could have possibly surprised the psychic? 

“What happened?” I whimpered. The panic that consumed me was so powerful, that  even Jasper's waves of calm had no affect on me.

“Where's Anthony?” I rephrased, after no one answered my previous question.

“She took him.”



A/N: Okay... so I'm sorry about the lack of updates! I won't keep you waiting for the next one too long (because that would be cruel)


Bella's POV:

Alice was standing by the entrance of the bedroom Anthony and I shared. Her face was contorted in shock. What could have possibly surprised the psychic? 

“What happened?” I whimpered. The panic that consumed me was so powerful, that  even Jasper's waves of calm had no affect on me.

“Where's Anthony?” I rephrased, after no one answered my previous question.

“She took him.”




I pushed past Alice, in desperate need to see my son. This was all some sort of joke. I stumbled, my foot stepping on one of Anthony's blocks, sending me tumbling to the ground. I felt cold arms catch me seconds before I hit the tiled floor.

“No!” I roared. “Put me down!”

“Please Bella --”

I yelled in frustration, needing to be alone. I felt Edward release me, and I plummeted to the floor, not even trying to catch myself. My hand hit something soft: it was Mr. Blankie. The reason Anthony came up here in the first place.

“Anthony,” I called softly, “you dropped this, sweetie.” I held out Mr. Blankie, but he didn't come and get it.

“Denial,” I heard Jasper mutter quietly.

“Sweetie?” I was getting tired of this ridiculous joke.
A cold gust of wind hit my face, and I shivered involuntarily. The window was wide open, while I clearly remembered closing it before bathing Anthony. 

Another strange thing occurred to me: I had stumbled over Anthony's blocks. My son never, NEVER, left his prized blocks lying around. They were always in a perfect pyramid. 

Realization dawned on me as I experienced the worst epiphany of my life. Anthony was really gone. I clutched his tattered Mr. Blankie, pressing it to my chest.

I refused to let the tears fall as I thought of my son. His smile. His laugh. Memory after the other flooded 
back, reminding me of all our little moments. One in particular was clearer than the rest.

“Goodnight Anthony.” I made sure that he was tucked in snugly, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Don't go Mommy,” he begged quietly.

“But honey, I have to go to sleep.” 

“I'm scared Mommy. Dylan said monsters live in the dark.” The fear in his voice was so strong that it was almost tangible.

“Dylan lied.” I said, as I left the room. I knew I should have comforted him, but I was an awful liar. His green orbs followed my retreating form.

No. Dylan did not lie. Monsters did hide in the dark, waiting for the right time to destroy the life you so carefully put together.

I gasped, finally letting the tears fall. 

My son. 

My angel. 

My life.

Gone. Abducted. Taken. Missing. Dea-- 

“NO!” I shrieked. I will not allow myself to think like that. 
I tore Mr. Blankie to two and tossed him ruthlessly to the floor. I was gasping uncontrollably now, blinded by my own tears.



“Bella I --” I interrupted Edward yet again.

“Well you got your wish,” I said darkly. “I am still human. My life has been going great thanks to you.”
He didn't reply. I heard the sounds of muffled footsteps and the door softly closing.

I crawled toward the pieces of Mr. Blankie, crumpling them together and cradling them in my arms. I cradled them in a way one holds a sleeping child. I imagined it was my Anthony. I pretended that nothing had gone horribly wrong today. I ignored the emptiness that Fate had thrown back at me. I ignored the hole in my chest; the familiar need to put my self back together. The pain was back. Only this time, I mourned for my son.

Why? What did Anthony do to deserve this?

Jacob's POV
Victoria stood in the meadow we had previously met in, her triumphant smile making her look almost human. Her long, cascading scarlet hair and glowing red eyes screamed “bloodthirsty vampire”, yet when she smiled it wasn't a surprise that men willingly followed her to their death. 
Then again, I was in a good mood today.
I was getting my Tony back today. Though I'll be the first to admit that Vicky is one crazy woman, she was loyal to her word. The fact that she stood here before me proved it. I had a great feeling about today. I could smell it in the air! The sun was shining (making the leech look like a disco ball), the birds were chirping, and Vicky was smilin' like a fool. 
I resisted the urge to happy dance.
I put on a straight face and began to talk the leech through all the formalities of our exchange. 
“How did it go?”
She laughed, as if I had asked the stupidest of questions. 
“Your plan was perfect, wolf-boy. Your presence made the psychic blind while your scent covered up mine.” Well, at least I knew that being a stink bomb to the leeches had its perks. “Edward was, of course, distracted by your thoughts. I assume they involved Bella, because he didn't notice me at all. The empath was to busy controlling the others emotions to notice a very calm person swiftly entering and leaving. Even Anthony didn't notice me until it was too late. Flawless plan, dog.”
I smiled. Everything was rolling smoothly.
“Now I'll just recap quickly what will happen next. I will call Bella and let her know that I have Anthony, and am planning on keeping him. If she wants him back, she'll give you Cullen. From that point on whether you live or not is your problem,” I said.
Victoria cocked her head to the side, as if trying to figure something out. “Wait... You're going to lie to your wife?”
“What are you talking about?” For someone with a photographic memory, this bloodsucker was slow!
She hesitantly spoke, as if unsure of her next words. “Well, if she sends Cullen to me, then what will you do?”
“Give her Anthony of course! I thought I was perfectly clear --”
“So you're lying to your wife,” she interrupted.
I didn't understand how she got to this conclusion. “Victoria, I thought you said everything according to plan!”
“Yes I --”
“Then what's the problem?!”
“Nothing! I did everything as you asked! The body's in the bushes and I didn't even taste him!” 
I froze.
“What..? What did you..?”
“He's right there!” she exclaimed indignantly.
I slowly walked towards the bushes, my breathing erratic and panicky.
“...Even Anthony didn't notice me until it was too late.”
Victoria was right. Anthony's face was lit up in a hauntingly determined smile, as if even in death he was actively hunting down Mr. Blankie. His green eyes shone with excitement; all he wanted to do was please his daddy. It was his dead smile that was the most frightening. He was grinning from ear to ear, with a bottom tooth missing, his only baby tooth to fall out. Now, in death, the smile seemed mocking. 
I couldn't look at his face anymore. I turned to Victoria.
“Why. Would I ever. Want. My son. DEAD?!” I howled, my hands furiously shaking in the sudden flood of emotions. 
I changed into a wolf. It didn't matter anymore that I had refrained from changing so that the pack couldn't find me. I didn't care that they could read my thoughts for the first time in a long while. That they knew everything meant nothing.
All that mattered was that Victoria was killed. Now.
The instant I changed, Victoria fled. It was an utterly futile attempt. I caught her easily and ripped her shreds savagely, brutally destroying her until she was just a pile of crumbs. Unidentifiable remains.
I howled. My piercing cries were aimed at God, at Edward, but mostly at myself.
I killed him. It may have been Victoria's teeth in his flesh, but it was my plan that sealed his fate.
I stumbled back into human form, crawling desperately towards my son. I desperately wished to find him alive and laughing.
I landed in a heap beside his dead face, his eerie smile still there. I could almost hear him.
I forgive you, Daddy. I love you the most from everybody else.

“I'm so sorry... I wanted to save you from this Hell, not kill you,” I whispered brokenly.
I love you, Dad. But God up here? He's real mad. He says you gonna burn down there...
I sobbed loud, painful sobs. They burned my throat and made me feel like I was choking. I gasped. Lack of air. Lack of Anthony...
I don't wanna be alone, Dad. I don't know no one up here.
“Please, NO! COME BACK TO ME TONY!” I shook his lifeless body, unable to get rid of that awful smile of his. Please... Please...
I love you, Daddy.

The pack eventually found me huddled on the forest ground. There was no sympathy in their hateful eyes.
It was Sam who pulled me up from the ground.
He shook me angrily, the tears clouding his eyes. 
“Dammit Jacob! WHY?!”
I looked at my son's wide-eyed smile; I didn't have an answer to his question.


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