Taylor Lautner(who plays JACOB BLACK) will be 18 soon!!!!

Jacob Black

Full Name: Jacob Black
Status: Werewolf
Date of Birth:  1990
Originally from: Forks, WA
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 65"
Physical description: Long, glossy hair in a pony tail, beautiful skin, a hint of childish roundness to his chin  In his wolf form, Jacob’s coat is a rusty brown color.He cut his hair very short after his transformation, but let it grow back out later on.
Occupation: Protect the LaPush area from Vampires
Family members: His mother, Sarah, died many years ago and he has twin older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca.
Hobbies: Fixing up cars and motorcycles

Bella's Motorcycle[above]                                                                                    Jakes Harley [above]

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